Hi. I’m Adam.

I am an award winning international security and foreign policy analyst and scholar focused on creating feasible, pragmatic, and evidence-driven solutions to security and foreign policy issues and problems. In 2015, I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Calgary, where my dissertation focused on the role of external audiences in security decision-making processes. I have experience researching and analyzing security policy and security decision-making in both academic and government settings, providing me with a unique and broad perspective on varying security research approaches, methods, and questions.

I have a particular interest in areas related to conflict, intelligence, terrorism, and development/human rights, specifically as they relate to: processes of security decision-making, Canadian foreign policy, securitization theory, and quantitative and qualitative methodologies such as discourse, content, and semantic analysis. I blog about these topics regularly at foreignpolicycafe.ca

Key Skills

Subject Matter Expertise

Comprehensive knowledge of international security, Canadian foreign policy, international development, comparative international relations, security policy and decision-making, terrorism, and intelligence.


Over 8 years of experience in researching policy issues related to security decision-making and security policy in volatile and transforming threat climates, international development/human rights, and foreign policy.


Strong proficiency in analyzing policy issues; written over 10 publications and conference papers in addition to numerous reports, briefing notes, and policy recommendation papers.


Award-winning debater and presenter. Presented to various audiences (government, academic, and public) on diverse topics including Canadian foreign policy, nuclear verification regimes, international development projects, human rights, and international security.


Received excellent student/supervisor evaluations as an Instructor and Graduate Teaching Assistant for multiple political science courses.

Trend/Statistical Analysis

Collected, created, and analyzed statistical data using various programs (SPSS and R Statistics), techniques (multivariate regression, singular value decomposition, Latent Dirichlet Allocation, social network analysis), and sources on a variety of security and international relations issues.